1st term(June-August.2010)

Angel´s Parade:

Using a paper-cut technique, we make own clothes and take place a fashion parade in the paradise. The concept is, that the well-known Rauman Lace is carried to the paradise, and they are used to decorate the angel’s clothes. In this project, paper-cut silhouettes are a metaphor for the Rauma lace. The fashion parade is held during the Rauma Lace Week on the end of July.


Sweet Landscape:

A wall drawing installation using paper laces, which are used for the base of cakes display. This is a landscape in a paradise, in which I inspirited from landscapes in Rauma. There’s a special event on the Black Lace Night day. Let’s see what will be happened in the installation!


Picnic in the Heaven:

We make our own picnic carpet using paper-cut technique, then have a picnic together. The carpet’s patterns are their own images about paradise or their hopes for their life. Sharing the meals will bring us multidimensional relationships with their neighbors, the visitors, and the art.