Workshop: / Looking for Sampo
In the Finnish mythology Kalevala, the Sampo was a magical artifact of indeterminate type constructed by Ilmarinen that brought good fortune to its holder. According the story Sampo was smashed and lost at sea. What and where is Sampo? Everyone has it’s own Sampo and it gives many miracles not only to you, but also to other people.  We make our own Sampo with cake lace, water colour and crayons. After the workshop, works will be laminated and hang in the museum courtyard with lights.
Time: Week 4
Tue 25.1 Group 1 at 10-12pm
Wed 26.1. Group 2 at 10-12pm
to 27.1. Group 3 at 10-12pm
Workshop Languages: Finnish and English, (German)
Participants: 7-11 years
Group size: max 24
Participant Fee: 2 e
Leader: Mizuho Matsunaga

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Opening party

Opening party is 14. Janury, 18:00-20:00

You´re welcome, and chill out!

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Return to Rauma!

Moi Rauma!

I´m just facinating, everywhere in Rauma is white! Where is harbour? Where is the river? Maybe they are hibernating. Have a nice sleep, Rauma`s landscape!

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Artist vol.6: Paavo Paunu

Paavo is a Rauma based artist. He is a painter and at the same time, is also a sculptor.  Yes, he works really between painting and sculpture! It is hard to describe his works, but his sculptures and installations are created not by a sculptor, but definitely by a painter. Both of Paavo and me, we use resin and fiberglass, but we use them completely different way, I think. It seems for me as if he use them as like as oil and acrylic color with brush and knife. It is very interesting for me.

We can see one huge sculpture of him at the city library in Rauma as a permanent collection.

Paavo Paunu:

His Solo Exhibition in Helsinki will be opened on this Friday. Please visit it! Paavo, I wish your exhibition success!

Paavo Paunu Solo Exhibition

10.9. – 3.10.2010

Forum Box

Ruoholahdenranta 3 a, 00180 Helsinki

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Artist vol.5: Mari Aspola

Mari is a Rauma based print-making artist, and is a member of the Rauma Printmakers Association “Rauman Taidegraafikot”. She works with a Carton Etching print-making, that the Rauma Printmakers Association promotes this technique. At the end of my residence in Rauma I learned print making from her 2 days in the workshop. It was my first time experience for print-making since my elementary school period. She was an art teacher in the school and taught me very kindly and theoretically the technique. Through our discussion about our creative concept, activity and finn and japanese culture we realized that we have something similar concept in our creations even though we use other mediums.

Two lower stand behind her are her works.

She said that her inspirations often comes from nature, color, and seasonal atmosphere.

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Artist vol.4: Eila Minkkinen

Eila is Rauma based female sculptor and also a jewelry maker. She works mainly with metals(including copper, iron, and silver), but also with wood, paper, concreat…..etc. She use many kinds of materials with her original way, and it is as like as a witch for me. Her jewelry show us conceptually and visually that she works with sculptural background. When I visit her studio and discussed with her, I was really moved as a female artist, her passion about creation, and her attitude through her long-termed experiments with hands.

Eila Minkkinen:

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Artist vol.3: Tero Juuti

Tero is a Helsinki based artist and had an action event in Rauma Art Museum. In his current project “Tatoo Dictionary”, he make tattoos us with bol paint. I choose a word “paradise”. It was the first tatoo in my life, and luckily I didn’t have any plan to come back to Japan after that…. because Tatoo has very political meanings in Japan and it is very different criteria compare to other countries. We had an interesting discussing about tatoo issues in Japan.

Anyway, my first tatoo was gone next morning, I felt a bit pity…. and want to have again….   Terro, some day  shall we make a project in Japan!?!?

Tero Juuti :

“Tatoo Dictionary”:

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