JDN(Japan Design Net)

“Finland, Manabi no Design” on JDN(Japan Design Net) published on 9.January.2011.

The title of the article: The Challenges to connect between the art and the community, and between the artist and the citizns in Rauma, a town of a UNESCO World Cultual Heritage Site

In the article art educational programs in Rauma Art Museum and Raumars Artist in Residence Programme, and a exihibition&workshop report of  “Middle of Nowhere” are featured.

Thank you very much for JDN, and Yutaro&Kana Ohashi!

“Finland, Manabi no Design, vol.15” on JDN (language: japanese)  http://www.japandesign.ne.jp/HTM/REPORT/finland_manabi/15/


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Sleep on the Sea

Most of coast lines in Finland are frozen in the winter. Here I swam in the summer, and now I can sleep. How amazing it is!

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Sampo is here!

We had workshop with children during 25-27. January. In the workshop the children made own Sampo with cake lace paper. After the workshop we hung them in a room in the museum´s courtyard, where are set up the black light. Monster, cat, flower etc…. many beautiful Sampo are created by them. In the Kalevala, Sampo smashed out in to the sea, but now Sampo was brought back in front of us by children.

The works are exhibited in the museum’s courtyard during the exhibition”Middle of Nowhere”. Everyone can see the works with free in the museum´s opning hours, just visit there!

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The title is “Ääretön” in Finish, “Infinity” in English. I made an installation with cake lace paper using whole space, the walls, the ceilings,  and the floor. It became my biggest work in recently years. It took almost 10 days to install with warm helps of an assistant Fanni and museum technical team. Fanni installed completely the floor for me. Without her and their helps, the installation would never finished.

“What is the image of the installation? The sea? The universe? ” I had questions from the audiences. Actually, the patterns are based on Baroque ornaments. In the last summer project in Rauma, I tried to express the moment, in which the audiences feel that they are floating and melting into the landscape in Rauma. In this time, I tried to express the same feeling with Baroque ornaments.

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The article about the exhibition “Middle of Nowhere” on Länsi-Suomi(15,Jan.2011).

Thank you very much for the feature article and big photo of me…..!

Kiitoksia paljon Lansi-Suomi!!

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Jade Warrier-Movie Night at Rauma Art Museum

The Battle of Sampo, a story from the Finnish national epic “Kalevala” integrated to Chinese Kung Fu Gerne!

Schedule: 27.January.2011 17.00-
Place: Rauma Art Museum
Charge: free
Movie Duration: 104 minutes

more info: Jade Warrier-Movie Night at Rauma Art Museum


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Yesterday´s Opening party

Many people came to the opening party yesterday. It was very nice time, that I could get many comments from many people. Thank you for your comming! Kiitos!

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Workshop: / Looking for Sampo
In the Finnish mythology Kalevala, the Sampo was a magical artifact of indeterminate type constructed by Ilmarinen that brought good fortune to its holder. According the story Sampo was smashed and lost at sea. What and where is Sampo? Everyone has it’s own Sampo and it gives many miracles not only to you, but also to other people.  We make our own Sampo with cake lace, water colour and crayons. After the workshop, works will be laminated and hang in the museum courtyard with lights.
Time: Week 4
Tue 25.1 Group 1 at 10-12pm
Wed 26.1. Group 2 at 10-12pm
to 27.1. Group 3 at 10-12pm
Workshop Languages: Finnish and English, (German)
Participants: 7-11 years
Group size: max 24
Participant Fee: 2 e
Leader: Mizuho Matsunaga

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Opening party

Opening party is 14. Janury, 18:00-20:00

You´re welcome, and chill out!

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Return to Rauma!

Moi Rauma!

I´m just facinating, everywhere in Rauma is white! Where is harbour? Where is the river? Maybe they are hibernating. Have a nice sleep, Rauma`s landscape!

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